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About Tiger’s

Tiger’s Henna Hair Color, founded in 1987 by Kishan Lal Kuria Mal, began its journey in the export market. This strategic move allowed the brand to establish a strong presence in African and Middle-Eastern markets. Its high-quality formulation derived from the finest henna leaves contributed to its popularity among consumers, and it became a beloved choice for individuals seeking vibrant hair color. The brand’s commitment to quality and its ability to fuse traditional henna practices with innovative approaches set it apart and garnered the appreciation of beauty enthusiasts in these regions.

As time went on, Tiger’s Henna Hair Color continued to flourish and integrate itself deeply into the lives of its customers, much like the art of henna itself. The brand’s dedication to authenticity and its ability to strike a balance between tradition and innovation contributed to its success in a competitive market.

Despite its triumphs in the international export sector, there was a desire within the company to introduce Tiger’s Henna Hair Color to its home country, India. This aspiration to share the brand’s beauty offerings with the Indian market was realized in 2023. The decision to enter the Indian market marked a significant milestone for the brand – a return to its roots and an opportunity to celebrate its heritage. The move also aimed to infuse a sense of timeless elegance into the very country that had inspired its inception.

Tiger’s Henna Hair Color’s entrance into the Indian market was not only a strategic business move but also a sentimental homecoming, symbolizing the brand’s evolution from its origins to its current status as a cherished and respected name in the beauty industry. The brand’s legacy and dedication to quality continue to shape its journey as it ventures into new horizons.